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Alex Martinsen is a firm believer that the millennial generation has a great responsibility to... 
Rise up and LEAD.
"Powerful leadership starts with first learning to become a powerful leader of our own life."

Even though we live in one of the most prosperous times in the history
of the world, with unprecedented levels of freedom, security, peace,
and resources- so many of our fellow millennials are wrapped up in belief 
systems that have them living far below their potential of happiness and power.

Self-doubt, lack of direction, anxiety, addiction, weak marriages, weak
parenting are our modern day plague.

Alex feels he has been called to the work of helping his fellow brothers and sisters: UPGRADE their beliefs about who they are, UNCOVER who it is they truly want to become, and UNLOCK the power to change.
‘The Millennial Mentor’ is a platform for this work to take place

There are 3 ways to engage with The Millennial Mentor...

Millenial Mentor Mastermind
Alex has invested years of time and a significant amount of money to
learning from some of the best in the field of personal leadership and

The “Millennial Mentor Mastermind” is an an alliance, a group, and a team of powerful Millennials. You are invited to become a member and gain access to
a 2-hour live coaching session with Alex each month, where he
shares the best of what he has learned, interviews other members of the Mastermind, and answers live Q&A. 

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Millenial Mentor Individual
How differently do you think your life could look in 6 months?

Alex works with his coaching clients for an hour per week for 24 weeks.

This program requires the highest level of commitment to self-
leadership and improvement. 
If you consider yourself highly-committed to unlocking a life of even greater power and fulfillment and you are curious if one-on-one coaching could help you get there, fill out the application below, and Alex will contact you.

Apply for your FREE coaching consultation call with Alex

The Millennial Mentor Podcast

What others are saying about the Millennial Mentor

Ryan Lee

E-commerce Entrepreneur, Social Media Influencer, Founder of 'The Miracle Marriage'- a movement to help married millennials upgrade their marriage from average to phenomenal

"Working with Alex has been nothing short of miraculous. The principles Alex teaches and the way in which they are delivered have changed my life. I can honestly say I am the happiest I have ever been. Alex has a unique ability to teach with true power. He is a remarkable listener and has helped me make improvements in every aspect of my life. Best thing I ever did was hire a coach and Alex is the best in the business!"

Doug Cardon

Owner/Founder of The Shield Companies - One of the largest privately owned Pest Control Companies in the United States. Humanitarian and mentor.

"I have spent countless hours with Alex and have watched him lead and inspire people in a variety of settings. He was our top performer his first year working at our company all while leading a successful team. I believe his unique ability to lead and consistently be among the top performers in any field he has participated in is due to his understanding and application of principles and truths that create powerful results in any aspect of life. In addition he is one of the best teachers, communicators, and motivators and I have full confidence in his ability to help others learn and grown in all areas of life." 

EMMY Award-Winning Writer-Producer-Director, Author, Columnist, TV & Radio Host, Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Life-Mastery & Performance Coach. 
"Alex Martinsen is without question among the most empowered and enlightened individuals I have ever coached or worked with. His grasp of human behavior and personal success is nothing short of astonishing. And naturally, as a millennial his insights into the millennial mind and issues are absolutely spot on."

Shawn McLelland

Vice President USANA Health Sciences. Award-winning music composer and performer. Producer of events
music, and media projects around the world. 
"For over 20 years I’ve produced live events where I’ve hired and learned from the best personal development coaches in the world. Alex Martinsen is one of the best I’ve known and is primed to be the next thought-leader for millennials. In just a few minutes speaking with Alex you will start thinking of things you’ve never thought of and you’ll immediately want to be a better person. His energy is contagious and his value-based guidance is refreshing. I love my visits with Alex and always leave inspired to take my life to the next level."


Alex Martinsen
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